Interview: Our country is unfriendly to private aircraft


In our country we want tourists of high economic level, but we do not have the infrastructure to serve them. Even Mykonos, the Greek destination par excellence, attracts tourists with fat wallets. We are referring to those who travel by private aircraft. Typically, these aircraft cannot park after arrival at Mykonos airport due to lack of space. So they go to park at other airports, including in Turkey.Estimates say that this year there will be a great demand for private aircraft rental, as those who can afford it will prefer to travel with them and not get on a passenger plane with dozens of other passengers.

What do the estimates say for Greece?

Will there be a lot of private aircraft? What messages are coming from abroad?

How does the private jet industry work? Why is it no longer just for the very rich?

We discuss these and more with Kostas Krystallis, owner of Proton Air Services, a company that provides ground handling services for aircraft in Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini and Heraklion, as well as aircraft rental of all kinds.